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For The Last Test, Toro Rosso Brings In A New And Modified Car

James Key, the technical director of Torro Rosso said that the STR10 that is running on the tracks at Barcelona this week can be considered to be brand new if compared to the Formula one vehicle that has been tested before the season.

For the final test to be held before the F1 for 2015 begins, the car will be featuring a brand new front nose that will be absolutely William-style. The car will also have some new packages relating to suspension, cooling and aerodynamics. Key also has reported to Autosport that the new version of STR10 is the one that will also be raced in Melbourne in the next two weeks. This is because its new target is to finish the constructor’s championships in the fifth position.

He told the newspaper that since the car being used is a lot different, they have to redo the set up. Because of the changes, it is completely new and even the nose has been changed. All this had always been on their mind for a long time but the reason for them to use the long one is that the new nose will face technical difficulties and they wanted to see who comes out victorious of such a situation.

Formula One

The Team Of Marussia Collapsed

Marussia team being on the verge of collapse finally fell down to its last nail in the coffin with 31. 4 million euro as debt to the creditor.

It was Ferrari which had most of the amount. The administrators of Marussia have submitted the summary to the high court which they are liable of. The floating as well as the fixed charges is also owed by them which they have to give as due.

The documents condemn the fact that there are lot of things which are owed and discredited. Among them the top three creditors are Ferrari, McLaren and Pirelli. Timo Glock, the former driver also has his stake in the list. The circuits of F1 and FIA are also included in the list.

Formula One

Severance package holding Alonso back at Ferrari

The biggest question that has been raging in the Formula One world for some months now is what Fernando Alonso plans to do next.

Carlos Sainz Jr., a rookie driver and a Spaniard summed up the mood of the paddock when he told a Spanish publication that he had no idea.

But some publications think they know what is going on and Italian specialists La Gazzetta dello Sport has claimed that incoming Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne is scheduled to travel to Austin, Texas for the United States Grand Prix for two reasons, announce the departure of Alonso and the arrival of Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing to replace him.

Whereas that might be a valid update from the Italian media, Alonso’s departure is not as easy as it seems. Reports in Germany indicate that Ferrari has already tied up a deal with Vettel to be their leading man for the2015 season and that leaves them with three top level drivers with Alonso and Raikkonen.

But the manner of termination of Alonso’s contract is the cause of all this delay in announcement. If Alonso was to pull the plug on his contract, he could race for any team, McLaren-Honda, Lotus, Red Bull or go in for a sabbatical.

But if Ferrari terminates the contract before it is run down, they will have to pay millions to Alonso as his severance pay, just as they did with Kimi Raikkonen when he was unceremoniously shown the door back in 2009.

Alonso was eager to leave the team in any way and that is where the problem lies, Ferrari is reluctant to pay off someone so that he could drive for another team when he himself would have wanted to leave the team anyway, leading to the current impasse between the two parties.


Russian Grand Prix will see the materializing of a long standing dream

The British billionaire Bernie Ecclestone has nurtured his dream of popularizing the Formula One in Eastern Europe since forty years. He had taken up the responsibility of building a suitable race track in Russia since it was called Soviet Union. But a number of social and political problems had been hindering his plans in doing so. The Soviet Union had been engaged in a number of wars and the relation with the other countries of the world deteriorated to a great extent during the later part of the Communist rule. The Hungarian Grand Prix was organized in order to make up for the Russian dream but the Formula One family never gave up their hope of arriving in Russia. President Vladimir Putin was the first one under whom the Russian dream started taking shape. He was the one who helped in providing the area required for building a world class race track. Sochi was considered the most suitable place and a lot of investment was put in.

This area will also be one of the venues for the Olympic game. The President has taken a lot of pain in bringing some of the most popular sorts to his country including the 2018 Football World Cup. The Russian Grand Prix will also be a path breaking event in history. There have been Russian drivers in and around the Formula One circuit but the first countryman to race in his own home soil will be Daniil Kvyat of Toro Rosso. Vitaly Petrov is the veteran from Russia but he will miss the race due to his involvement in the DTM race. The Sauber team has also used a Russian rookie Sergey Sirotkin for their test drive session. The Marussia team which has definite links to Russia will also be out to prove a point.