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  1. Thank you so much guys, let’s discuss here about it!
    Well, i assume alonso got knocked out in the first impact, cause he was not
    moving for 10 minutes after the car stopped.
    But that’s just my view, waiting for more official info’s.

    For sure it is a strange one

  2. this video has been showed in a sports programme of spain, “deportes
    cuatro” , a very famous programme ;)

  3. This is the main problem with tracks such as Spain where the barriers are
    too far away from the circuit, they don’t put in tyre barriers on tracks
    like Catalunya, Sakhir, Kuala Lumpar and Silverstone. This is presumably
    why his accident had a large g force. Same in Silverstone, Kimi also had a
    high g force accident due to there being a hard barrier in a place where
    crashes can quite often happen.

  4. Bullshit. Alonso is not a rookie to make such a stupid mistake. Mclaren are
    hiding something.

  5. 1-alonso loosing the car at 150 km h cause he touched the astroturf on dry

    more than weird, but possible

    2-alonso not doing a quick countersteer trying to regain the control of the

    impossible if he was concious

    3- a car that goes 140km h aprox and lateral speed of maybe 50 km h….gets
    30 g of lateral force ?
    sounds like plain BULLSHIT !!!!

    4- a car that is almost stopped with a ridiculous lateral speed… gets 15
    g deceleration?
    seems even more bullshit !!!

    5- no subjective cam recording anything…..

    very weird but possible

    my veredict MClaren is lying to us

  6. 30G on that little shitty crash?? Kimi in silvesrtone hit the wall when he
    was flato out on the straght and it walked away with minor problems, Alonso
    allready crashed in brazil once, and it was a lot worst that this one…
    This crash is bullshit. 

  7. This is such bullshit. Like Alonso would ever crash in such an amateur
    manner…Also there’s no way that impact was 30G’s. He was electrocuted,
    that’s why the brought him to the hospital.

  8. It looks so stupid, really. If this was real, then Alonso is a rookie, who
    don’t know, how to counter-steer. Really?

  9. Brief simulation of Fernando Alonso’s crash in Barcellona.
    This is the scenario iphotyzed by McLaren’s official statement.
    Credit – Lorenzo Lucidi

  10. Don’t trust the bullshit McLaren and others say. Wind? Then why wait over
    24 hours for an official announcement? Both Vettel and the photographer in
    place didn’t say anything about Alonso going off the track and losing grip.
    Also. How many races have been held on that track? I don’t remember anybody
    losing grip in that spot (that’s artificial grass, as always).

  11. Hitting the wall like that would cause both hemispheres of Alonso’s brains
    to bang against each other. It’s the same impact a boxer feels when a solid
    hook lands on their chin, except it would have been as if he got hit by the
    Hulk. That is no joke. As for the cause, I’m sure we’ll be discussing the
    various conspiracy theories for days to come… any explanation seems as
    plausible as the next. Difficult to imagine one of the top drivers in F1
    making such a mistake… and gust of wind? Who knows. 

  12. Stupid video that only ignorant people would ever consider to be even
    possible. McLaren are full of it. For this to happen you need:

    1- A profesional racing driver going off the tarmac way off racing
    speeds for no reason whatsoever. Plausible (maybe looking too much in the
    mirror to yield for Vettel after abandoning his lap), but highly unlikely.
    2- A profesional racing driver comming back to full throttle over the turf
    for no reason whatsoever (like you did to cause the accident). Impossible
    unless he wanted to crash or was incapacitated. Even over the turf, at that
    speed you need to do something utterly stupid to get the car sliding at all.
    3- A profesional racing driver being unable to correct a minor and low
    speed slide with plenty of room, all after being retarded enough to do the
    explained in the previous point.

    Sorry, but no. There was either a problem with him (most likely) or the

  13. Its easy, Alonso dont wanna drive this fucking horrible car, this the
    motive for the crash and this fucking fake history.

    Sorry for my english, i’m Brazilian 

  14. *******3-4-15 edit see below*********

    I believe that Alonso found a weakness in the McLaren’s body.

    An odd combination of the car being very low and the way it ran over the
    astroturf may well have caused an instantaneous static electric discharge
    into the cockpit which knocked Alonso almost right out.

    Astroturf can create a huge amount of static electricity when something is
    rubbing over it.

    Especially in a car that is essentially a rolling battery.

    The carbon fiber body of the car is used as a conductor in some places.

    It likely had shielded wire lines or contact wires molded into it.

    if the bottom of the cockpit where Alonso was sitting was rubbing across
    the astroturf and the charge went directly up through Alonso and popped
    through his helmet into the back rest,he could have taken a hell of an
    electrical shock.

    I guess if Kevin Magnussen rolls to stop unconscious during the race, we
    will have our answer.

    ***********3-4-15 edit here***********edit-

    I would also like to point out that a person who is electrocuted, tenses
    all his muscles even when he is unconscious.

    This would explain why Fernando never let go of the steering wheel during
    the crash

    Even after the car had hit the wall numerous times.

    And the car only went back into the wall over and over because the right
    front suspension was badly bent that way when it first hit the wall.

    Now let’s see if this simulation changes to show Alonso let go of the wheel.

    I am watching you – Formula One.

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