17 Comments on “F1 Valencia 2012 Race Start (Fernando Alonso wins)

  1. Alonso the besssssst!!! Are you watching Vettel and Hamilton ? He is a class above the rest….Vettel can only win from pole with the best car….fact!!!! stop moaning that Vettel’s retirement gifted him the win… It could have been anyone leading and retiring… Mechanical failure is part of the sport

  2. WOW. After 20 laps Vettel could have pitted twice & still been in the lead…..yeah you’re right, he’s hopeless.

  3. Man, Hamilton is such a weak starter. When’s the last time he had an impressive start? Put Alonso in P2 and Vettel loses the lead

  4. desps de todo ,si bien ferrari no le da un monoplaza de dies puntos, nos podemos dar cuenta q fernando alonso es un experimentado y magnifico corredor!!!

  5. Siiiiiiii !!!!!! Ferrrrrrrrnando!!!! Ferrrrrrrrnando !!!!se lo merece ,, trabajo duro para ESA merecida Victoria




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