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  1. Alonso voted “best active driver” by his peers already 1-2 years ago through an anonymous questionnaire composed by Bild newspaper (i hope u know what s it) within all the current drivers in f1. + the best driver of 2010 for the 12 team principals (autosport’s interview). I think u re a little ignorant and maybe even a little haughty

  2. haha all drivers?? name even 1driver. i think you living different planet then me.

  3. Yee!! lucky! it s 4 this reason that all the other drivers ve said that he s the best 😉 remember that alonso goes to points from 20 races, no errors, pure skill nature, fantastic startings, overtaking form the outsides and intelligent management of races and tires

  4. how many races alonso wins hes career just using driven skills?
    thats right! under 10… pure luck, again.

  5. Genial carrera, epica diria yo y para los que se dediquen hacer videos haber si coguen ejemplo de este señor y deja el sonido ambiente sin mariconadas de musica ni mierdas varias. El video un 10, sonido real e imagen real nada de montajes extraños y musica paranoide, enhorabuena.

  6. Well you can’t put blame luck for his lead in the points. I will say he’s gotten lucky but he’s driven the hell out of the F2012 for that consistency that led to the point lead.

  7. alonso started 11 and finished 1 and someone has the courage to say he was lucky… fucking loser

  8. vettel retired , grosjean was faster and far b4 the safety car, and retired, kimi raikkonen was ways faster in the mid race 5 laps b4 the safety car , he closed the gap from 6s to 2.3 secs, but once again , alonso is LUCKY!!!

  9. RB are definitely doing something, It annoys me how everyone thinks Vettel is some sort of god behind the wheel, when it’s obvious he is driving illegal cars for the past 2 years, make it 3 !

  10. They’re allowed to do a small amount of exaust blowing and it’s been cleared by the FIA. Ferrari could do that if they wanted/worked it out and it might give them a faster car than the Lotus and Red Bull. Alonso got lucky this race, similar to Malaysia. Hamilton’s pit crew, the saftey car, Vettel’s retirement and Grosjean’s retirement all gave Alonso the win. As Vettel said, I doubt Alonso will finish the season without a DNF.

  11. aguante webber qe largo 19 y llego 4 webber te vanco hasta qe dejes de correr.
    Muy buen video linda toma.
    asi que mi voto es positivo

  12. Yo estaba en esa tribuna y este video me ha hecho sentir lo que sentimos todos ese día. Increíble Alonso!!! Bravo Alonso!!

  13. Exhaust blowing bastards… Alonso still beat you. When you cheat, Karma gives you what you deserve and that was a DNF (Did Not Finish).

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