Formula One

Lewis Talks About Title Turnaround

With Lewis is holding the reigns of major grand prix events right now, it is definitely true that all eyes are focused upon him.

He states that the total turnaround has been crazy, but at the same time, it might get changed all over. The title fight that ensued at the beginning of the F1 season this year has been crazy. Lewis Hamilton feels that he has definitely been able to fight and hold onto the titles that he gained. He refused to dwell on the lead or the engine penalties that were laid on. During the summer break that he is on, he is refusing to dwell on the crazy happenings that occurred on the race circuits a few months back.

Among the seven races he won six of them. This winning streak has led to a point deficit to his major rival, Nico Rosberg. He is leading over Nico with a total of 19 points. This stretches back to the collision that he had with Rosberg back in the Spanish Grand Prix. This event had taken both men out of the race. That was because Hamilton has tried to regain the lead when the first lap occurred.

The turnaround was indeed a crazy one. Hamilton admits to that as well. He says that it went off so quickly that it felt that they were in Barcelona a few days back and he had been 43 points behind his leading opponent. He had thought that getting through the woods would be difficult. Indeed, the going had been tough though the trees. He also believed that he had to go on and that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel. He also feels that his victory and success is owed to the mechanics and the engineers who helped him to go on and were focused on their work. This also inspired him to work with the very best.