25 Comments on “Top Gear – Lewis Hamilton 17/2/2013

  1. Manchester United to West Ham huh Jeremy ? lol turned out to be a pretty
    good move with Mercedes having both their cars finish one two in the
    championship….btw, Man U sucks. lol

  2. How has everyone not learned yet….

    If you want to win a world title, you follow Ross Brawn.

    If he goes for a shit, you hold his fucking toilet paper for him.

  3. wow, watching this now, seeing what damage Mercedes are doing in F1 right
    now… what a brilliant move he made!

  4. “moved from Mclaren to Mercedes, is that not like moving from Manchaster
    United to west ham” Came 2nd in the constructors championship in the end of
    the season :)

  5. And the brits never wanted to show this lap made by a brit… Last time in
    the rain he was cutting very heavily the corners. I highly doubt this is
    his real result…

  6. i don’t care what they say!!! he is the best racer

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