Formula One


Formula One champ Jacques Villeneuve has jumped in the defence of Fernando Alonso.

The star driver is being criticized heavily by other drivers for his decision to partake in the Indy 500 next month instead of the F1 race at Monte Carlo.

The 1997 world champion and former Indy 500 winner slammed the fellow drivers for their criticisms. Top drivers including NicoHulkenberg and RomainGrosjeanblasted Alonso for deciding to take part in the dangerous race without necessary training beforehand.

Villeneuve claimed Alonso was a “real driver” for his courage to join the race.

“I’ve already said that I think what he’s doing shows that he’s a real driver,” he said. When asked to clarify what a “real driver” means, he responded: “Well, all you have to do is listen to what other drivers have said about his decision.”

“I heard NicoHulkenberg and RomainGrosjean giving their opinion about what Alonso is doing. Hulkenberg said it’s dangerous, that he wouldn’t do it, that he did Le Mans because it was different. It sounds like excuses,” Villeneuve added.

Villeneuve further classed drivers into two: the Alonso type or the Rosberg type. He labelled Hulkenberg as a Rosberg type.

Rosberg did a shocking retirement last year after winning the World Championship. The reigning F1 star left the sport world stunned with the move.