Formula One


Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff has said that Lewis Hamilton cannot afford to be complacent if he wants a fourth Formula One world championship title.

Hamilton leads by 28 points but he is expected to still be wary of title rival Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel crashed his Ferrari off the gird in Singapore, earning a straight elimination. His absence made it easier for Hamilton to cruise to victory. Ferrari were expected to dominate the event and close up the three point gap ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. Vettel, teammate KimiRaikkonen and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen were all retired on the run to the first turn.

The happenings means the British F1 star has a huge advantage with six races left. Wolff has asked that Hamilton “not let up” his edge yet.

“You cannot let up, there are six more races to go. We must not drop the ball, we would not feel comfortable in Ferrari shoes having a 28-point deficit but we must get on with the job. There’s lots of time for cheering when we’ve actually won the title,” Wolff added.

With the next event in Malaysia in October, the team is wary of the 32-year old blowing his edge. He can endure a care without points due to his strong lead but they know anything can happen in the sport. Hamilton blew his lead last year due to engine failure and then NicoRosberg moved on to win thechampionship.

Wolff has warned that anything can go wrong in those six races, six times even. He asked that the team full focus and optimize results to maintain their edge. Wolff sympathized with Ferrari for losing both cars. For now Hamilton favours his chances at another championship.